Sonic Jewellery Cleaning Kit


In minutes you can restore the original sparkle and brilliance to all your favourite jewellery.

Ideal for Cleaning gold, silver, platinum and hard gemstones such as agate, amethyst, topaz, citrine, diamonds, jade, onyx and sapphire.

Not to be used to clean oil-treater stones such as emeralds; porous stones such as opals, coral and pearls; or fashion jewellery


1.Remove the right basket and fill this compartment with the mixture of 10ml solution and 70ml of cold water

2.Place your jewellery in the basket and into the filled compartment, making sure the jewellery is completely submerged , if necessary add more diluted solution

3.Put the lid on and turn on the unit to high and wait for 3 minutes, if any encrusted dirt remains after this time, use the brush provided to remove it

4.Fill the left compartment with cold water and place the basket of jewellery inside, switch machine to "Lo" position and run it for 1 minute

5.Remove the jewellery and dry it with a soft, clean cloth

What you will find inside: Ultra Sonic Machine, Sonic Cleaning Solution (250ml), Soft brush and Dust bag

Batteries required: 4 x AA (not included)

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