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Wish BraceletWish Bracelet
Wish Bracelet Sale price€90,00
Round BraceletRound Bracelet
Round Bracelet Sale priceFrom €70,00
Infinity Diamond BraceletInfinity Diamond Bracelet
Infinity Diamond Bracelet Sale price€320,00
Box BraceletBox Bracelet
Box Bracelet Sale priceFrom €80,00
Tag PendantTag Pendant
Tag Pendant Sale priceFrom €130,00
Tag BraceletTag Bracelet
Tag Bracelet Sale priceFrom €70,00
Evil Eye CharmEvil Eye Charm
Evil Eye Charm Sale price€60,00
Gold Initial Pendant With StoneGold Initial Pendant With Stone
Pearl CharmPearl Charm
Pearl Charm Sale price€60,00
Blue Topaz CharmBlue Topaz Charm
Blue Topaz Charm Sale price€60,00
Star CharmStar Charm
Star Charm Sale price€70,00
Knot CharmKnot Charm
Knot Charm Sale price€70,00
Flamingo Yellow Gold Chain
Flamingo Yellow Gold Chain Sale priceFrom €240,00
Green Enamel Tag Mini HoopGreen Enamel Tag Mini Hoop
Green Enamel Tag Mini Hoop Sale price€250,00
Birth Tag BraceletBirth Tag Bracelet
Birth Tag Bracelet Sale priceFrom €140,00
Diamond Eternity BandDiamond Eternity Band
Diamond Eternity Band Sale price€1.200,00
Over the RainbowOver the Rainbow
Over the Rainbow Sale price€530,00
Ayda Pearl EarringAyda Pearl Earring
Ayda Pearl Earring Sale price€240,00
Amethyst CharmAmethyst Charm
Amethyst Charm Sale price€60,00
Flamingo Rose Gold Chain
Flamingo Rose Gold Chain Sale priceFrom €240,00
Rainbow Eternity BandRainbow Eternity Band
Rainbow Eternity Band Sale price€750,00
Round PendantRound Pendant
Round Pendant Sale priceFrom €150,00
Birth Tag PendantBirth Tag Pendant
Birth Tag Pendant Sale priceFrom €130,00
Gold Initial PendantGold Initial Pendant
Gold Initial Pendant Sale priceFrom €120,00
Rhodolite Garnet CharmRhodolite Garnet Charm
Rhodolite Garnet Charm Sale price€60,00
White Topaz CharmWhite Topaz Charm
White Topaz Charm Sale price€60,00
Mini Sun NecklaceMini Sun Necklace
Mini Sun Necklace Sale price€170,00
Velvet Jewellery BoxVelvet Jewellery Box
Velvet Jewellery Box Sale price€45,00
Cross Charm
Cross Charm Sale price€70,00
Mini Heart PendantMini Heart Pendant
Mini Heart Pendant Sale priceFrom €175,00
Diamond Eternity BandDiamond Eternity Band
Diamond Eternity Band Sale price€1.200,00
Heart PendantHeart Pendant
Heart Pendant Sale priceFrom €200,00
Birth Stone PendantBirth Stone Pendant
Birth Stone Pendant Sale priceFrom €140,00
Gold Initial With DiamondGold Initial With Diamond
Gold Initial With Diamond Sale priceFrom €360,00
Pink Sapphire Eternity BandPink Sapphire Eternity Band
Pink Sapphire Eternity Band Sale price€650,00
Star Mini HoopStar Mini Hoop
Star Mini Hoop Sale price€125,00
Moon CharmMoon Charm
Moon Charm Sale price€70,00
Wheel of FortuneWheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune Sale priceFrom €1.280,00
Jumbo Turquoise Flower Pendant
Jumbo Turquoise Flower Pendant Sale price€240,00
Medium Inside Out HoopMedium Inside Out Hoop
Medium Inside Out Hoop Sale price€420,00
Knot Charm
Knot Charm Sale price€70,00
Heart With Diamond Strap
Heart With Diamond Strap Sale price€480,00
Peridot and Diamond Heart RingPeridot and Diamond Heart Ring
Peridot and Diamond Heart Ring Sale price€950,00
Champagne Diamond Eternity BandChampagne Diamond Eternity Band
Flamingo White Gold Chain
Flamingo White Gold Chain Sale priceFrom €240,00
Floating RainbowFloating Rainbow
Floating Rainbow Sale priceFrom €380,00
Amethyst Eternity BandAmethyst Eternity Band
Amethyst Eternity Band Sale price€650,00
Yellow Sapphire Eternity BandYellow Sapphire Eternity Band
Yellow Sapphire Eternity Band Sale price€650,00