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Diamond Eternity BandDiamond Eternity Band
Diamond Eternity Band Sale price€1.200,00
Over the RainbowOver the Rainbow
Over the Rainbow Sale price€530,00
Rainbow Eternity BandRainbow Eternity Band
Rainbow Eternity Band Sale price€750,00
Diamond Eternity BandDiamond Eternity Band
Diamond Eternity Band Sale price€1.200,00
Mini Heart PendantMini Heart Pendant
Mini Heart Pendant Sale priceFrom €175,00
Heart PendantHeart Pendant
Heart Pendant Sale priceFrom €200,00
Gold Initial With DiamondGold Initial With Diamond
Gold Initial With Diamond Sale priceFrom €360,00
Pink Sapphire Eternity BandPink Sapphire Eternity Band
Pink Sapphire Eternity Band Sale price€650,00
Wheel of FortuneWheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune Sale priceFrom €1.280,00
just for you in colourjust for you in colour
just for you in colour Sale price€1.100,00
Yellow Sapphire Eternity BandYellow Sapphire Eternity Band
Yellow Sapphire Eternity Band Sale price€650,00
Link ChainLink Chain
Link Chain Sale price€950,00
Peridot and Diamond Heart RingPeridot and Diamond Heart Ring
Peridot and Diamond Heart Ring Sale price€950,00
Amethyst Eternity BandAmethyst Eternity Band
Amethyst Eternity Band Sale price€650,00
Rope ChainRope Chain
Rope Chain Sale priceFrom €600,00
Floating RainbowFloating Rainbow
Floating Rainbow Sale priceFrom €380,00
Champagne Diamond Eternity BandChampagne Diamond Eternity Band
E - Gift Card
E - Gift Card Sale priceFrom €100,00
Disco ball Y Chain
Disco ball Y Chain Sale price€690,00
Rainbow Tennis BraceletRainbow Tennis Bracelet
Rainbow Tennis Bracelet Sale price€2.200,00
Just For You In DiamondsJust For You In Diamonds
Just For You In Diamonds Sale price€1.500,00
Mini Heart Pendant
Mini Heart Pendant Sale priceFrom €175,00
Chunky HoopsChunky Hoops
Chunky Hoops Sale price€580,00
Aquamarine and Diamond Heart RingAquamarine and Diamond Heart Ring
Blue Enamel Tag Pendant
Blue Enamel Tag Pendant Sale priceFrom €215,00
Floating Pink SapphireFloating Pink Sapphire
Floating Pink Sapphire Sale priceFrom €380,00
Tsavorite Eternity BandTsavorite Eternity Band
Tsavorite Eternity Band Sale price€650,00
Wave Ring
Wave Ring Sale price€650,00
Link Chain AnkletLink Chain Anklet
Link Chain Anklet Sale price€950,00
Diamond and Yellow Sapphire Tennis BraceletDiamond and Yellow Sapphire Tennis Bracelet
Yellow and Green Sapphire Tennis Bracelet
Sold outChampagne Diamond Tennis BraceletChampagne Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Champagne Diamond Tennis Bracelet Sale price€3.900,00
Cognac Diamond Tennis BraceletCognac Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Cognac Diamond Tennis Bracelet Sale price€3.400,00
Bold Snake Chain
Bold Snake Chain Sale price€2.750,00
Diamond Tag NecklaceDiamond Tag Necklace
Diamond Tag Necklace Sale price€1.880,00
Mother of pearl Mushroom NecklaceMother of pearl Mushroom Necklace
Mother of pearl Mushroom Necklace Sale priceFrom €490,00
Lapis Mushroom NecklaceLapis Mushroom Necklace
Lapis Mushroom Necklace Sale priceFrom €490,00
Diamond Strap Necklace
Diamond Strap Necklace Sale price€520,00
Diamond Mini Hoop
Diamond Mini Hoop Sale price€545,00
Diamond Necklace
Diamond Necklace Sale price€720,00
guardian angel
guardian angel Sale price€950,00
Diamond Safety Pin Necklace
Diamond Safety Pin Necklace Sale priceFrom €450,00
Tourmaline Heart Tennis EarringTourmaline Heart Tennis Earring
Peridot Heart Tennis EarringPeridot Heart Tennis Earring
Peridot Heart Tennis Earring Sale price€540,00
Tourmaline and Diamond Heart RingTourmaline and Diamond Heart Ring
Blue Sapphire Eternity Band
Blue Sapphire Eternity Band Sale price€650,00
Ruby Eternity Band
Ruby Eternity Band Sale price€650,00
Black Diamond Eternity BandBlack Diamond Eternity Band
Black Diamond Eternity Band Sale price€850,00